Staircases bring a dramatic design element to your home as well as being a functional design element. There is an art and a science behind building the perfect staircase. At S.R.Sloan we take staircase design and production to the next level. We design and build many types of staircases whether your plans call for a simple straight staircase or a set of grand stairs with circular ends. Our design team works hand in hand with homeowners, builders and architects to help design a pre-built custom staircase that both meets building regulations and has the aesthetics that match your style.  We use the latest technology and the best materials to build your custom staircase, delivering it to your lumberyard of choice for you to meet your building time line, making the process easy for you.

  • What is required for a stair quote?

    In order for us to give you a quote on your custom stair project, you will need to provide us with the following: the rise, run, width and material you would like to be used in manufacturing your staircase.

  • What are the maximum and minimum sizes for treads and rises?

    The maximum and minimum sizes for treads and risers depend on the state and the type of building the staircase is going to be used in.


    For a residential building in New York State the maximum riser height is 8-1/4” with a minimum tread depth of 9” (not including nosing) along with a minimum width of 36”. Some other dimensions to keep in mind when building a staircase in a house in New York State is the headroom and the vertical rise. New York State requires a minimum of 6’8” of head room as well as a maximum of 12’ from floor to floor without a landing.


    In other states that we serve, residential buildings follow everything that New York State does except the minimum tread depth must be 10” or more (not including nosing) and the maximum riser height is 7-3/4”.


    Commercial buildings require using the International Building Code. The building code requires that stairs have a maximum riser height of 7” and minimum tread depth of 11” (not including nosing). This code also says that the minimum width a staircase can be is 44” with a minimum headroom of 6’-8” in all parts of the stairwell. The vertical rise is also the same as residential being 12’.

  • Can you exclude the landing tread?

    Landing treads are not attached or glued so you can take them out and discard them if you would like. We include them in the construction as added support for the top of the stringers for shipping reasons.

  • How far out will the tread be from the riser board?

    Nosing is measured at an 1-1/8” until the tread is 10” and then the nosing drops down to an 1”.

  • Can you build a spiral staircase?

    No, we do not specialize in the design and manufacturing of spiral staircases.

  • What are the common material descriptions used to signify a particular wood species used in constructing your stairs?

    Carpet Grade - Our most common and least expensive stair is typically constructed out of #2 grade Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) 4/4 and 5/4 material. This stair is suitable for areas where finish isn’t important such as cellar stairs, or where the tread and riser will be covered with carpet. #2 SYP allows for tight knots and grain discoloration.


    Paint Grade - Typically refers to the stringer and riser. We use a D and better Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) that is suitable to be painted. Some people also ask for paint grade SYP tread as well. This material can have some small tight knots and grain discoloration.


    Primed - Refers once again to the stringer and risers where they will be primed, finger jointed material ready for paint.


    Stain Grade - This refers to a Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) C and better product that is clear for a stain and clear finish application. This is available for treads, risers and stringers. If you would like a hardwood instead of SYP, we stock Oak, Cherry, Maple, Poplar and can special order a variety of other species upon request. Hardwood applications can be used for treads, risers, or stringers…whichever configuration your customer desires. Typically our stain grade and hardwood materials are sanded to an 80 grit finish. This will require the person finishing the stair to do a light sanding prior to applying the finish.


Stairs are often the first thing that people see when they walk into your home. They should be make a great first impression and should have the look of a fine piece of furniture. At SR Sloan, we have been designing and building staircases for years that have exceeding the expectations of our customers. No matter if you are a homeowner, builder, contractor, architect or designer…we know you we can create the staircase of your dreams that you will cherish for years to come.

By using custom stairs by SR Sloan you can expect…


High Quality Staircase


 All of our custom stairs are built in a controlled environment by people who only build stairs for a living. Your main staircase is the focal point of your home, so let the professionals build them for you with the look of a piece of furniture and structurally sound so they will be able to perform for many years.


Hardwood Selection


We can build our stairs using a variety of hardwood species. From oak wood stairs to cherry, what ever your taste is we can accommodate it.


An Affordable Staircase


SR Sloan custom stairs are not only built with high quality but are very affordable and won’t break your project budget. It makes no sense to waste hours at the jobsite building your own set of stairs. We can provide a high quality main

staircase that is built custom to your project for less money than it would take for you to build a set of basement or utility stairs on the jobsite.


 The Right Type Of Stair For Your Construction Project


No matter if your project calls for a simple wood stairs or a set of open wood stairs…we have you covered. We can manufacture the exactly what you are looking for.

Quality, durability, affordability and beauty are what our custom stair side of the business is known for. At SR Sloan we work closely with you to make sure the custom stair product we manufacture meets with your vision and satisfaction. Our customers know that when they rely on SR Sloan for their stair project, they will get the engineered solution.

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