S.R. Sloan manufactures wall panels in our New York facility and can ship to any of our regions. By utilizing wall panels in your project, you can effectively shorten production schedules, and reduce on-site labor costs and on-site waste, saving you time and money. Wall panels are especially helpful when building in unfavorable weather conditions, much like we see here in the Northeast nearly six months out of the year. We speed up the installation process by delivering our panels labeled with your layout. All headers and beams are engineered and sized by professionals that design the entire framing package. By using pre-built wall panels that are manufacturered in a controlled environment, your construction will be square, nailed, and sheathed consistently and appropriately. If wall panels are an option for you, our designers can help you convert any conventionally framed building plan to a panelized one.

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In today’s competitive market, simply put… time is money. Being able to complete construction projects in less time, without sacrificing quality, is of utmost importance. By using S.R. Sloan’s engineered wall panels in your next construction project, you will be able to save valuable time and money, especially when building in unfavorable weather conditions.

Our pre-fabricated wall panel packages are built with supreme quality, custom-designed, and manufactured for your project. They will fit your construction project perfectly and will be delivered to match your project timeline.

S.R. Sloan wall panels are an “eco-friendly” method of construction using a renewable resource. They create less waste than conventional stick framing, reduce noise pollution in the community your building by reducing the amount of sawing, nailing, and drilling, and less heavy equipment traffic delivering stick lumber.

By using S.R. Sloan wall panels, you will see total project cost savings by…

Each Panel Being Produced Indoors

Details of your project are customized in our office, as opposed to the job site, saving you valuable time. You can be assured that the wall panels being delivered to your job site will be completely squared, consistently nailed and sheathed, and insulated properly.

Achieving A Lower Overhead

You can spend less time dealing with on-site stick framing issues, eliminate waste, prevent theft and productivity issues, and can spend more time keeping the overall project moving forward, allowing you to keep the job site overhead costs down.

Using A Higher Quality Product

Premium high-grade lumber is used to produce all of our wall panels. We optimize all lumber used with studs, designed at the optimum spacing for the applied roof and floor truss loads, allowing us to save you money on raw materials for your project. By using a higher quality product such as our engineered wall panels, you will save money down the road in possible repairs, giving you a happy end-user.

Seeing A Faster Return On Investment

By using our pre-fabricated wall panels, it will allow you to set a more aggressive production schedule and gain days so you can move onto your next project faster. Our wall panels are delivered to your job site with a layout marking out all bearing locations and are completely labeled to make the installation process faster. All of the headers and beams are engineered and sized by the same professionals that design the entire framing package so they are guaranteed to fit perfectly.

What is the advantage of using prefabricated wood wall panels?

With wall panels, you will be able to shorten production schedules and lower on-site costs all while maintaining framing practices consistent with traditional stick framing. Our wall panels are manufactured in a controlled environment, ensuring higher quality, as well as on-time delivery, and are built to the exact specifications you request.

How long and how tall can you make wall panels?

We pride ourselves on being a company that will always try our best to accommodate your needs. We have built walls up to 25’ tall! Typically, we manufacture walls up to 16’ tall and as long as 16’ depending on how tall the wall is and how it will fit on a trailer to be shipped. If your walls need to be taller or longer, we can break up walls so they are the exact dimensions that your project calls for.

What types of sheathing and species can you make your wall panels with?

We provide various types of sheathing depending on the design of your project. Common types we have used in the past are CDX, (Southern Pine or Douglas Fir), Zip Wall, Zip R, OSB, and Advantech.

Can you manufacture fire treated wall panels?

Yes, we can provide you with fire treated wall panels for your project.

Do your wall panels come with a finished surface?

Typically, our panels are either unsheathed for interior use or sheathed with a variety of exterior materials such as CDX, OSB, or Zip Wall systems, and are ready for your custom exterior finish to be applied. In some cases, exterior materials cannot be applied to exterior walls, such as gypsum wall sheathing, due to handling restrictions. If you’re unsure, just give us a call with your specific questions.


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